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Think it's impossible to live comfortably in 300 square feet of space?  Not for Debra Jordan.  Learn all about her Tiny House and Big Dreams as an Etsy Seller.  Watch a video home tour too! |

Do you have a crazy dream?  (If you're visiting our website, chances are, you do!)  Would you go to any lengths to make that dream a reality?  Learn one Etsy seller's true story of crafting a one-of-a-kind house so she and her family could make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.  Debra Jordan has been on this journey for a long time, and I'm sure you'll learn a ton from her unique and exciting story!

On The Podcast

01:36 - Debra's Unique Story begins
03:23 - The Search for the Right Business
04:50 - A Wholesale Business
05:25 - Having Sales Reps Sounds Glamorous!
06:22 - The Lowest Point in Her Business
07:48 - Debra Discovers Etsy
09:06 - A Big (or should we say little!) Move
11:07 - 300 Sq ft. of Bliss
11:45 - Steps Toward Their Big Goal
13:10 - Running a Business From Panama
15:10 - Debra's Favorite Tools
16:40 - Print From Anywhere in the World
17:42 - Growing Her Shop
17:57 - Naming Her Shop
19:28 - Branching Out
19:58 - Selling on Facebook or Instagram
21:19 - Getting Facebook Likes
22:00 - Growing Pains
22:42 - Eloquent Beth Anne
23:41 - Debra's Proudest Accomplishment
24:50 - What They Did in Panama
25:50 - Favorite Business Quote
26:20 - Favorite Business Books
27:05 - Doing What It Takes
27:46 - Defining Success
29:32 - Adorable Mom Moments

Etsy Seller Debra Jordan moved into a 300 square foot home with her family to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true.  Hear her interview on the Brilliant Business Moms Podcast!
Debra Jordan with her husband and son outside their tiny house and studio.


Debra Jordan with her husband and son - showing off their kitchen and dining room. Their tiny house is 300 square feet.

Stay in Touch with Debra!

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See Debra's Tiny House for yourself in this video of the Jordan family's recent remodel.




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