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Many bloggers and website owners forget that their About Me Page is one of the most visited pages on their website.  It's vitally important to make a meaningful first impression.

Read the Compelling Narrative on One Mom Entrepreneur’s Website that Led us to Take this Page More Seriously

Why does Elizabeth’s About Me Page work so well?

She includes all 9 Keys to a Compelling About Me Page. Can you find them all?

On the podcast:

  • Questions…Are they a good idea on your About Me Page?
  • Who is your About Me page about? Hint: It’s not who you think!
  • Why people compare my hubby to Tom Cruise
  • Do links have a place on your About Me Page?
  • Why you have my full permission to publicly scold and shame me
  • What’s the most important, can’t-miss thing that you MUST include on your About Me Page no matter who you are or what your website is about? Hint: This one thing has the power make or break your business.


These Nine Keys Won’t Write Your About Me Page For You, But They Will Give You a Great Start

1.)    Grab your reader’s attention with your first sentence.

This is often called “the hook” Catch your audience off guard right away, if possible.

Surprise them, be unusual, or ask questions (see Derek Halpern’s page).

Derek does a great job of letting people know that they are in the right place.

Keep in mind, your about me page is not actually about YOU – it’s about your readers.

They need to know how you’re going to help them, what you’re going to provide, or why you’re different from every other blogger on the block.

Stumbling over that perfect first sentence? You can use a video for your hook!

2.)    Share the benefits of what you and your site have to offer.

Again, it’s all about your readers or customers and how you can help them or solve their most pressing problems.  (Even if you sell hand-knit baby shoes - you can still accomplish this.  You may be solving the problem of someone finding a unique heart-felt gift for their friend who just had a baby.  Perhaps you solve the problem of being a comfortable, eco-friendly, ethically-made baby shoe that moms can feel good about putting on their baby's feet.)

An example for Sarah and I would be a focus on the community of moms we are creating. Starting a small business or blog on the side can be really stressful and overwhelming.

We’re here to help and come alongside moms who are ready to grow. We’re not claiming to be experts or gurus, we’re moms just like you who are learning and implementing as we go.

Lots of people online are sharing facts about how to be successful, but implementing all of those facts and growing your business is really, really hard. We believe that moms need support and encouragement to make it happen and keep going when things are tough. We’re lucky enough to have each other as business partners, and we don’t believe that any mom should have to “go it alone”

3.)    Social Proof

Natalie Lesnefsy of shares some of the positive feedback that she’s gotten from her readers. If you have happy customers or readers, have them share a bit about how your site or business has helped them.

Social proof could also mean that you share your credentials or that fact that you've spoken at conferences or were featured in magazines.

4.)    Emotions

Your About Me Page should convey some feeling. How do you want your readers to feel when they’re on your site? Should they feel at home, a sense of peace or calm? Do they feel joy or excitement? What about motivation?

Sarah and I want you to feel a sigh of relief – that you’re not alone in this crazy world of blogging, business, and being a mom. (Feel free to let us know if we’ve accomplished this or majorly missed the mark!)

5.)    Fun Facts or Tidbits About You!

Your readers want to get to know you. Avoid generics like “I love the outdoors and sipping coffee in the morning.” Be unique.

Ask your family and friends what makes you the fabulous person you are.

It’s ok to be vulnerable here.

Abby of strikes a great balance by sharing about being a BRCA1 breast cancer gene carrier but also sharing lighter things like the fact that everyone says she looks like someone they know.

6.)    Photos

As Neil says, no matter what you look like, you have to share a photo of yourself.

If you’re providing value and helping others, no one cares what you look like – they just want to put a face with a name and get to know you.

Mom bloggers seem to be ahead of the game on this one. Many are creating a virtual scrapbook of multiple photos with fun tidbits about each one. Again, Abby does a great job!

7.)    Link to your popular posts

Which posts get tons of comments or personal emails describing the difference that you’ve made?

If you’re brand new to blogging or starting your own shop/website, then pick the ones you think showcase both your best work, and also let the reader get to know you a bit more.

P.S. Very sorry for the jet noise during point 7 of the podcast! I’m around it so often that I usually don’t even notice it.

8.)    Make it easy for others to find you and connect with you.

There are a variety of options here. You can include an email address, social media links, a contact form, or all of these.

When your readers and customers are ready to keep the conversation going, don’t keep them hanging.

9.)  Include an Email Opt-in Box on your About Me Page

Pat Flynn gets all the credit for this brilliant recommendation.


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Not all of these About Me Pages Include every single point, but many do!  What catches your eye about these pages?  Do you plan to change anything on your own page as a result?

Let's chat in the comments :)

Beth Anne

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