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Today I'm talking with Ashley Monda of Sunshine Sticker Co. I have known Ashley for quite a few years in the online business space, and I've watched her grow this business from the ground up.

Ashley started Sunshine Sticker Co. in 2015 and is currently making a steady income from it!

She has had such incredible focus: She hasn't veered off course, she knows who her customers are, and she serves them by continually creating and giving them all the planner products that they want!

Ashley has used her Facebook group to build really strong relationships with her customers and earn more sales in the process. You're going to love hearing about that, because Ashley didn't have to build up a beast of a Facebook group to see results! Her group has about 3,200 members and is the lifeblood of her business.

I just love her focus on taking care of her customers. We all know that is the very best way to build your business.

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Do you ever feel like you can’t start or grow your business right now because …. (fill in the blanks here - life’s too busy, your kiddos are little and need too much of your time, your kiddos are BIG and need too much of your time, life’s too stressful, you don’t have enough support, and the list goes on….)

The fastest way to pull yourself out of excuse-land is to take one little baby step every single day. You can absolutely find a few minutes a day to start making progress. And life doesn’t have to be perfect to get started.

Annie Quigley of is proof that baby steps pay off. She started her online art business when her first baby was born. She worked in the margins as a stay-at-home mom. THEN, her husband deployed for 14 months and she had TWO babies at home!

She worked at nap time every single day, and built up a business that now provides a full-time income for her family!

She honed her craft, never gave up, posted consistently on Instagram, and builds relationships there to keep her sales strong.

When we hear business success stories, it’s easy to feel like everyone else’s path was so simple and straightforward (and nothing but up, right?!) Well… that’s rarely true, and in today’s interview with Medina King, I love how open and honest she is about her setbacks and struggles to grow her Interior Design business.

Medina first grew her business as a side hustle -- taking consultation calls in the bathroom while working her day job, and working late into the night too!

Then she had a baby, and she felt so discouraged at her lack of clients that she considered working for someone else instead.

Thankfully, she received several important signs that she should keep going, and she did!

You’ll love hearing Medina’s story, and her advice on using content marketing to build your business. EVERYONE should be creating blog content to help build their business -- even if you don’t consider yourself a blogger.

Take it from Medina -- creating helpful, interesting blog content has brought her a steady stream of interior design clients.

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