Brilliant Business Moms with Beth Anne Schwamberger

Erin Leonard of Notice the Little Things started a daily gratitude habit while in college. She shared her lists with family and friends via email for several years before starting her blog.  Several more years passed until she finally decided to jump in with both feet and really give her blog the time and attention it needed to become a successful business.  

Sometimes as busy moms we can be afraid to give our ideas the time or money that they need to grow into a business. Our time, our life experience, and our expertise are valuable and we shouldn’t shy away from sharing our gifts with the world while also getting something in return.

Erin decided to give her dreams a chance and thanks to the Facebook Ads Intensive and a lot of hard work, Erin is now earning money from Notice the Little Things while also helping busy moms everywhere uncover and celebrate the little everyday joys of life.

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