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Resource Page, What and How.

Does your blog have a Resource Page?  If not you may be missing out on some great opportunities to help your readers and generate some income!

Most of you probably already have a good idea about what a Resource Page is.  Basically it's a place for your readers to come and learn about your tricks of the trade, favorite service providers, and favorite products.  A Resource Page can also point people to your most helpful posts, or answer commonly asked questions.

Things to include on your Resource Page:

  • Links to all of your blogging tools of the trade: hosting, web design, plug-ins, themes, shopping carts, etc.
  • Links to all of your niche tools of the trade including: camera, craft tools, podcasting equipment, etc.
  • Links to your favorite online tools: apps or websites you use frequently, software, photo editing, email service provider, social media apps, etc.
  • Links to your favorite outsourcing resources.
  • Links to some of your most helpful posts: how to start a blog, how to start a podcast, how to get organized, top 25 recipes, etc.
  • Links to books you highly recommend or e-courses you have found helpful.
  • Link to the book you wrote.

After each link, include a little blurb about what the product or service is all about.  No need to write a book on each link.  Short and sweet works great!

Organize everything by type so that your page is easy to navigate.

Be as helpful as possible.  A comprehensive resource is always beneficial to your audience, but it also gives you a place to refer people when they have a frequently asked question.

Don't forget to make any links affiliate links where you can, and try to sign up for the affiliate program of any of the tools you are recommending.   I think one benefit of the Resource Page is that it can be a revenue stream without a hard sell.  Here at Brilliant Business Moms, we really try not to be in the game of selling all the time.  You are already bombarded with enough ads and sales pitches everywhere you go, and we don't want you to feel as if we only love you for your pocket book.  The Resource Page allows us to earn small bits of revenue in a helpful and non-salesy way.  After all, hosting fees don't pay for themselves :)

If you include affiliate links on your Resource Page, don't forget to include your affiliate disclosure statement at the top.

Be as all inclusive on your Resource Page as possible.  Don't forget to update this page as you find more helpful tools to add, or as you join additional affiliate programs.  This page should be an ever-growing resource for your readers and a page you refer to in your posts or podcasts.


Here are a few examples of great Resource Pages to get you started:

The Brilliant Business Moms Resource Page

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Resource Page

Our sister-in-law Abby's Resource Page at Just A Girl and Her Blog

What tools did you include on your Resource Page?



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